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Tiny Love 1-2-3 Discovery Lane (SOLD)

The Tiny Love 1-2-3 Discovery Lane 3-stage crawling toy is an award-winning toy with 10 captivating activities that benefit babys sensory development, motor skills, object permanence, perception and cognition. This exciting and innovative 3-stage modular playground is for babies aged 3 to 18 months, offering stimulating, age-appropriate activities throughout this crucial developmental period, from crawling to sitting. Stage 1 is configured in a circle when baby has not yet learned to crawl. She'll play contentedly on her tummy enjoying all the wonderful features. When it's time for Stage 2 at 6-12 months, it turns into a curved lane encouraging baby to reach out and crawl and develop gross motor skills. When your baby can sit up and graduates to Stage 3, the Discovery Lane becomes a fun-filled cone-shaped tent with lots of activities that help her discover the world around her.

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