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North States Supergate III (SOLD)

This the most versatile gate in the market today and can be easily mounted in 5 different ways.
It can be mounted in doorways and other openings instantly, no measuring required. Using included door sockets, the gate will provide much more holding power than your typical pressure mounted gate.
It also is equipped with rail sockets allowing the North States Supergate III to be used in-between wrought iron railings.
It can also be used as a hardware mount swing gate, giving you greater convenience for high traffic areas.
And incredibly, with included hardware this gate is certifed for use at the top of stairs.
The perfect gate - safe and easy to use while offering protection for your kids. Great for pets too.
Gate easily adjusts to doorways 26" to 42" wide.
Ideal for top of stairs, bottom of stairs or between rooms.
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