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Little Tikes Chair Set (SOLD)

The chairs are about 18 inches high.
And the part that you sit on is about 12 inches off the ground.
They are the perfect height for a toddler to sit on, but may be too small for a child older than 6 to sit on.
Highly recommend the Little Tikes Table & Chairs for any boy or girl ages 2 - 6.
The Little Tikes Chairs is made of heavy durable plastic that Little Tikes is so famous for.
The water didn't do any damage to this set.
It will hold up through many hours and many years of use.

My only gripe with the chairs is that they do not have anything on the bottom of the chairs to prevent it from sliding across your kitchen floor, or any other floor that does not have carpet. But there is a solution to this. On the bottom of the chairs, there is a hole with a plastic plug over it. If you remove the plug, and fill the bottom of the chair up with sand, the sand helps to weigh it down, and you no longer have to worry about your toddler falling on his rear because the chair slid out from under him.

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