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With Love

Hi Mommies (and Daddies),

Greetings and Blessed Day!

We sell New to Preloved Premium and Exclusive Branded items for your precious little one....

Visit us at:

Amy Sweety Store is SSM registered online business retailing authentic premium and exclusive brand new and pre-loved children items.

We are offering wide range of Baby Strollers, Car Seats, Baby High Chairs, Baby Crib and many more. We provide Delivery service for most of products and accept COD.

Our experience.:

Know that with strollers, you really do get what you pay for in terms of quality.
Comparing a RM3000 stroller to a RM500 or buy second hand stroller (that retail price almost RM3000, and sell for RM800) with local brand new for less than RM500, showed substantial differences in:

1. frame strength,
2. upholstery quality: ease of cleaning, comfort, and durability,
3. a seat that is sized as the child grows or one that remains one size
4. tilting/reclining

That is not to say that a local brand stroller is a bad choice but consider of the frame strength and durability is far out...

Instead, buying second hand branded stroller also have high resale value compared to new local brand stroller.
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