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Amy Sweety Store : Policy and Term

1. Prices Quoted 
Whenever we quote you a Price, that Price is in Ringgit Malaysia. 
The prices stated for such products and services are subject to change without notice. 
The products offered or referred to on this Site are subject to: 
>>The availability of the products
. >>The price depends on the brand and model. 
>>The price largely depends on supplier and exchange rate which affect
 the percentage of the selling price. 
Since many of the items we offer are imported from Singapore/ Europe 
and/or other parts of the world, pricing may fluctuate or change depending 
on the value of the euro or dollar at the time of sale.

 2. Payment Options: 
 Cash On Delivery 
 CIMB Clicks 

3. Negotiable/best price/ offer price/ further discount?
 All items are set at the lowest price and this is best price offer. 
We already set the price with the good packaging service. 
So we cannot provide any further discount under most conditions.
 If you still asked about the discount price we will reduce the 
packaging price so no warranty on broken parts due to mishandling on delivery 
and we will not responsible for any damage on that items. 
NO bargain will be entertained. 
* NO return / refund / exchange will be entertained. 
Goods are confirmed to be in perfect condition before selling off. 
* What you see is what you get.
 * No response / payment made within 3days, deal will be considered as null and void. 
* Serious buyer(s) only ! 

 4. Swipe/ Trade in/ Helping for Selling items 
We don't have services for helping selling your items due to price and quality issued.
 We not accepted swipe. 
Trade in accepted only on international brands but the price must be on our side. 

5. Viewing and Cash on Delivery (COD)
 Viewing Service and Cash On Delivery (COD) option must be based on our time. 
Please make an appointment 1-day in advanced to avoid miss-communication. 
*Meet Ups or COD can be delivered directly to your place (around JB area) 
and buyer must really confirm to take the item. 
Otherwise, Viewing and COD arranged at: Macdonald UTM Skudai after 8.30pm 

6. Postage and delivery? 
Our standard order processing time is 2 to 3 business days for all items that are in stock. 
Processing times are not calculated into the estimated delivery times. 
Multiple orders and clearance stock items offer must allow up to 4 to 7 additional processing days. Noted that this is second-hand item, so that we need 2-3 days time after full payment to re-process the item for cleaning/washing and service so that you will be satisfied with the item upon received. 

Delivery time depends on your exact location and are impossible to guarantee. 

Typically delivery to major cities is approximately 4-5 days. you live in a remote location this may be longer. Delivery times do not consider any possible delay or problem with your customs process- which are completely outside of our control.

 At present we only deliver on a Tuesday and Friday. 
 If you have not received your order and it is after the expected date of arrival (by a couple of days to allow for postal delays), then please informed us so that we can look into this for you.

 A ‘working day’ is any day which is not a Saturday or Sunday or public holiday in the Malaysia region. If you ordered in enough time, but your order did not arrive on time, please accept our apologies. 

Installment plans only ACCEPTABLE for purchase above RM350. 
We ACCEPT ups to 3 times installment.
 Installment plans only ACCEPTED with the proved of your IC copy.
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