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Babywell Milk Espresso(SOLD SYAHIDA)

More Info:

Designed by a German Engineer in PSB and is made under license in China.

This Innovative and Precision appliance will assist new parents to dispense and mixes the Desired amount of Milk powder and Water at the Desired Temperature.
It also Sterilize Milk Bottles and Boils Water in one sleek and useful machine.
The boiled water will also be "Express Cool" to the desired temperature set by the user to cater to the urgent feeding needs of your precious baby!
Other intelligient features allows you to
a) select the Mixing Proportion suitable for the kind of milk formula you are using, b) Further vary the Concentration for each feeding if needed,
c) Night Vision for Easy Preparation,
d) Safety Temperature Control to avoid thermal burn to your baby,
e) Adjustable Lever to cater to various bottles height & sizes,
f) Fully Auto Steam Sterilization, etc .

Design by an award winning German Engineer and made of Food Grade materials, the product has has passed many stringent micobiological test and electrical safety test.

The appliance provides total Convenience, Consistentcy and Hygiene in preparing formula milk for thousands of times.

Why buy only a sterilizer? Get the Babywell Milk Expresso today!

Retail Price: RM950

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