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Sassy Me In The Mirror (SOLD)

Product Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 3 inches
Sassy Me In Mirror Look at that adorable, little face! Now, let your baby see what everyone else is gushing about. Mirrors are an important part of a baby's self-recognition, and the Sassy Me In Mirror is a great, fun first for your cutie. Why you and your child will love this item: The Sassy Me In Mirror is a great crib toy. This soft, padded mirror angles down or hangs flat in the crib for baby to see when lying or sitting. For floor play, the mirror stands with a safe, cushioned easel feature. There are colorful ribbons, rings and toys like the bird, bee, and sun, which invite your child to touch and gaze. A great, soft crib toy for any baby, let them see what everyone else is talking about.
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