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Review: Combi Cocorro Car Seat

Do you know..what you can do with your COMBI COCORRO?? 
Combi cocorro is so light and easy to carry.
You can even fit into any stroller using LATCH straps,
 to create your own travel system!
And you will amazed how perfectly the coccoro
 fit in the airplane seat/train seat without disturbing front/back passenger.

Combi Cocorro Convertible Car Seat
With special Egg-Shock Daco Seat
📢 This Daco Seat is IMPORTANT 
to secure the baby in the most comfortable 
and natural position and yet allows baby to freely move its arms and legs. 
The Dacco seating system replicates a parent’s cuddle
 which is the most comfortable and relaxing seating position.
🔊 Egg-Shock materials is IMPORTANT 
to absorb all kinds of vibrations and shocks when car is in motion.
🔹 Converts from a rear-facing to a
forward-facing position.
🔹 Recommended from newborn to 4 or 5 years.
 🔹 Suitable for small/compact car

"Great car seat, suitable for small car, the seat curve suitable for newborn"

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