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Combi ZEUS TURN Car Seat

  This amazing comfort car seat can turn 360 degree :)

With Egg-Shock Daco Adsorbent that will 

guaranteed you baby in safe journey and comfort.

Do you KNOW what is Egg-Shock?

Egg shock technology is special patented by COMBI.

                                          🔊 Egg-Shock materials is IMPORTANT to absorb

                                        all kinds of vibrations and shocks when car is in motion.
                                        🔹 Converts 360 degree from a rear-facing  

to a forward-facing position.

                                         🔹 Recommended from newborn to 4 or 5 years. .

  Combi ZEUS TURN Car Seat

TERHAD 1 unit Sahaja.
Conditions: PRELOVED

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 Untuk Pertanyaan dan Tempahan
WhatsApp 016 666 8796 


(New Price RM1800)

with 🚚🚚 delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.


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