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BabyBjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3 (SOLD)

BabyBjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3 transforms your child’s smallest movements into a soothing, rocking motion, keeps your child happy and – first and foremost – allows him/her to be a part of things.
BabyBjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3 is easy to fold and take with you, wherever you go, and has three positions: play, rest and sleep.
Anti-skid pads, front and back, keep it in place while preventing damage to the floor.
When the child is big enough to climb in and out of the Baby sitter, the restraint system and toys can be removed.
The soft, comfortable cloth cover is both detachable and reversible, making it easy for you to change the color of your Baby Sitter.
Suitable for children weighing between 3.5/8 and 13 kgs/28 lbs.

** Good condition
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