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Fisher Price Winnie The Pooh 100 Acre Wood Musical Play Gym (SOLD)

The play gym includes a light up Pooh.
Pooh lights up and plays 8 different tunes. There is a squeezie Piglet and also a rattling Tigger.
These 3 characters hang down from the top bar of the play gym.
These are removeable also, so you are able to take just those toys with you on the go.
These 3 playthings also happen to be adjustable. This is great, you can put them at your own child's play level.
The stand itself is very colorful.
The legs are purple.
The top piece is green.
On the top piece there is a blue umbrella, red balloons, and a yellow kite.
There are twirly toys on each leg.
One side has an orange beehive that turns around. The other leg has a yellow butterfly.

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