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Original Fisher Price Jumperoo

Used Conditions 8.5/10
MArket Price RM780
Better for Baby...
Promotes Comfort and Security
Jumperoo’s comfortable rotating seat provides a safe place for baby to play.
Encourages Developing Motor Skills
Moving, spinning and jumping in a baby jumper enhances large motor skills.
Variety of textures integrated into rainforest toys provides tactile stimulation.
Stimulates Senses
Baby jumper's Colorful rainforest toys and fun music stimulate your child's visual and auditory senses.
Enhances Learning Through Discovery
Baby’s actions make things happen, helping baby understand cause and effect.
Reaching and grasping onto the baby jumper's rainforest toys fosters eye-hand coordination.
Better for Mom...
Peace of mind—safe jumping fun for baby.
No doorway required with this baby jumper!
Jumperoo folds to carry from room to room.

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