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Maxi Cossi Tobi Car Seat (SOLD)

**** Excellent condition

For children from 9-18 kg
Ca. 9 months - 3.5 years

Conforms to:
ECE R44/04

Size of the product:
Max. internal seat width: 290 mm
Internal seat depth: 310 mm
Internal height of seat: 590 mm (headrest in upper position)
External width of seat: 440 mm
External depth of seat: 565 mm (sit position)
640 mm (sleep position)
External height of seat: 740 mm
Weight: 8,9 kg

  1. Innovative easy-out harness; the harness belts and belt buckle no longer get in the way
  2. Easy adjustment of the headrest and harness belts at front of product with one hand
  3. Side Protection System offers optimal protection against side impact
  4. Extra firm installation in car -> the belt tensioner tightens seat belt securely
  5. Colour indicator to confirm proper installation of child
  6. Head hugger for extra protection for the head
  7. Spring operated handle for changing from sit to real sleeping position (5 positions)
  8. Easy to remove cover without opening the harness by extra opening in the cover
  9. Belt pads are easy to remove/install
  10. Intuitive and easy to read belt routing
  11. Height adjustment of headrest from the front even with child in seat (7 positions)
  12. Lengthen the harness with one hand (no need to push a button)
  13. Cover is easy to remove and washable (spare covers are available)
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