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Combi Super Mechanical TM-359(SOLD)

Retail price :RM6++.00
2 months - 2 years old
Weight : 4.2 kg (Equipped: 4.9 kg)
Angle adjustment : 120' - 160'
Size : (Opened) W510 x D835 x H950mm
(Folded) W415 x D240 x H960mm
160 full reclining seat
3 different reclining angles of the backrest, which can be adjusted up to 160.
Full cover large canopy with window
Mesh window at the back of the canopy enhances ventilation.
Full covering design protects the baby from strong sunlight.
Shoulder strap can be attached to the stroller after folded for easy carrying.
Guard cover can be detached and washed separately.
Seat cushion is detachable for easy washing.
Detachable front guard makes seating the baby much easier.
Front swivel wheels make the stroller easier to push.
3-point belt buckle can be operated in one single touch.

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