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Bebe Confort Iseos (SOLD)

Featuring rapid, one pull harness and an extra comfortable padded seat.
Reclines easily at the touch of one button and a second button adjusts the width of the car seat up to 15 cm, allowing the seat to grow with your child.
Seat belt can be adjusted to 4 height positions.
With integrated ventilation to keep your child cool.

With its group 0+/1 function, Is??os Safe Side grows with your child, ensuring their protection and comfort. Initially seating facing rearwards for maximum safety, the baby can later be seated forward-facing, like mummy and daddy, from 9 kg. At whatever age, baby travels first class.

GROUP 0+/1
[0-18 kg]
Recommended from around
6 months to about 4 years.

Group 0+ function: so you can continue to use a rear-facing seat.
At 6 months, your baby may already be too big to still be carried in a carrycot or car seat. He must, however, continue to travel in a rear-facing seat until he weighs at least 9kg.

Group 1 function: for facing forwards when the time comes.
Your child has reached the reference weight of 9kg. You can now install your Is??os Safe Side seat, facing forwards.

Safety assured.
High quality protective harness: lined with an absorbent material for even better restraint in the event of a collision.

Harness tightens rapidly, ensuring the baby is as safe as possible.
Safe Side lateral protection which increases your baby's safety.
Because the baby's safety also depends on its well being.
Padded seat cushion, reinforced back and extra-comfy integrated headrest, for total well being while travelling.
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