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Model No.: 88861
For those not aware, this is an extremely expensive brand.
The Aprica strollers run upwards from USD750 retail.
The Aprica line of child carriers has revolutionized the stroller industry.
The company was founded to institute smarter high-tech child care practices.
Aprica markets a wide variety of products for child care, but the brand is particularly known for producing strollers and carriages.
This stroller features a full reclining bed, engineered to prevent young infants from undergoing oxygen de-saturation (which often occurs when little ones sit up for long periods of time).
It also offers a seat position equalizer to ensure the comfort of toddlers and babies on long trips, as well as a ventilation system, which has been smartly engineered to assist with temperature regulation.
The Aprica stroller comes with a protective mesh that blocks out harmful ultraviolet radiation and also has a shock absorbency system (G-Impact) built in to give baby a smooth ride even over rough conditions.
This stroller comes with a patented four wheel caster that allows for easy driving.
Feature peek-a-boo windows, 170° reclining beds, simple open and close handles for improved ergonomics, and wider seats.
One particularly popular one-piece model has garnered rave reviews from parents for providing superior support for babies and preventing them from sinking into the fabric and thereby developing cricks and muscular tension.
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