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Peg Perego High Chair (SOLD)

A high chair is one of the necessities for babies. It is one of those things that every would-be parent has on their list of must-have items. Any parent that tries to get by without a highchair will soon realize their mistake. High chairs make baby’s dinner time slightly more manageable.
Safety is the most important consideration when shopping for a highchair. The chair needs to be stable enough so that it will not tip over if baby leans out of the chair. There should also be an adequate harness system so that baby cannot get out of the chair by him or herself.
The Peg Perego High Chair – the Prima Pappa has vinyl upholstery that is easy to clean up after each meal or snack. This is the first reclining seat high chair and makes it so much easier for your child to be comfortable while enjoying that snack. It can be reclined in four different positions. The height is also adjustable to seven various sizes. The tray is removable for when your child reaches the age to eat at the table with the family and begin on the process of becoming a “big boy or girl”. A great idea is the washable dinner tray. The tray gives your child their own hygienic eating tray, to help them know just how special they are. When not in use this high chair can be folded and put away in a small closet or in a corner, is also free standing. This high glides easy on casters with safety lock downs on the rear wheels. The 5 point harness system is the best ever. It keeps your child in place with comfort.

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