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Dr. Brown's Double Electric Breast Pump

Dr. Brown's Double Electric Breast Pump

If you are very sensitive, this pump will actually allow you to pump without being in terrible pain and won’t make your nipple sore.

Dr. Browns Simplisse double electric breast pump, uses compression technique that mimics the way a baby breastfeeds, combined with minimal suction, to express milk. Instead of pulling on the nipples, the suction makes moms feel much more natural and comfortable.

Unlike other breast pumps, the breast cups of Dr. Browns Simplisse breast pump are not hard plastic but soft and flexible pliable double layered silicone which adopts Super-Soft BabyFace Flexible Breast Cups. They conform to mom’s breast easily and naturally move with mom while expressing.

Made in USA
Almost New Conditions

GET IT NOW for Only RM790

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